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September 3, 2013

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Safety footwear – Arco Internal Metguard Safety Boot


Metatarsal protective boots have traditionally had a reputation for being inflexible, unsightly and uncomfortable. But, as Arco points out, if you have ever dropped anything on the top of your foot, you will know exactly the potential damage that can be done to this sensitive part of the body.
The PPE supplier has developed the Arco Internal Metguard Safety Boot, made with Poron XRD foam — described as a flexible and impact-absorbing foam, which is flexible under normal conditions but solidifies to create a protective shield under sudden high impact. The foam, explains Arco, takes the absorption of the strike, leaving the foot unharmed, but prior to impact the foam remains comfortable and non-restrictive. 
The foam is manufactured into the tongue, removing the need for an overlaying level of protection. This, says Arco, provides metatarsal protection without affecting flexibility and comfort. 
The Poron XRD foam also has built-in grooved hinges for additional comfort and is thin and lightweight, reducing the bulk of the protective shield, says the company. 
According to Arco, rigid metal plates or ball bearings are traditionally placed over the safety boot, providing a protective shield for the long bones in the middle part of the foot, but restricting flexibility and comfort.
The new Arco boot is said to conform to the relevant metatarsal protective standards in EN ISO 20345. 
For further information on the Arco Internal Metguard Safety Boot and Poron XRD foam, visit 

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