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April 15, 2019

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Health & Safety workshop

SafeStart’s latest discovery workshop

SafeStart will host its latest workshop on 14 May ahead of speaking at Safety & Health Expo on 19 June 2019.

SafeStart’s latest workshop aims to combat the balance and conflict between production and safety by addressing key workplace stress issuesSafeStart including human error, lack of engagement and fatigue. Unintentional mistakes are common in the workplace, the workshop will train attendees with the skills and awareness to avoid them so that it does not lead to injury. Development Director, David Hughes, expressed that “error is normal, even the best people make mistakes. But we can all learn to make fewer of them”.

It costs the UK £114-£240 million per year in regard to fatigue that leads to workplace accidents which every manager encounters therefore is an ideal workshop for health and safety leaders, HR managers and operations.

The workshop will be hosted in Leeds at The Queen’s Hotel, City Square on 14 May running from 8:30-13:00. Visitors will need to register to attend.

SafeStart International is a leading safety awareness and skills development programme. It has been implemented in 64 countries with 32 different languages across 10,000 work-sites and more than three million people trained. The company’s CEO, Larry Wilson will be taking to the Keynote stage at the Safety and Health Expo held at London’s ExCeL on 18-20 June, he will be joined by ‘inspirational speaker’, former ski-jumper Eddie the Eagle. Together they will provide visitors with insight into courage and risk with engagement.

Get Your Free Ticket to Safety & Health Expo to Hear Eddie the Eagle's Session on Risk

Former Olympic ski jumper, Eddie the Eagle's speech, "Courage and risk – a different perspective," focuses on risk and safety. His perseverance, courage and hard-work in the face of insurmountable odds provides a universal lesson. There is always the risk of failing when you’re trying something new. And in the case of Eddie, his ambitions also put him at risk of severe injury. Eddie will be joined on stage by Larry Wilson, CEO and author of Safestart UK. He will talk about his career, his most serious injury and his perspective on risk. The session will bring new insights into courage and risk with engagement, humour and a touch of seriousness.

Hear Eddie's talk at Safety & Health Expo 2019 | ExCeL London | Wednesday 19 June | 11:30 - 12:30

Eddie the Eagle

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