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October 20, 2010

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Respiratory protection – 3M Versaflo respiratory protective systems

3M has introduced a range of powered and supplied-air respiratory-protective systems, which it suggests offers a comprehensive, modular approach to worker protection.

The Versaflo Respiratory Protective Systems are designed to supply clean, safe air to workers’ breathing zones, allowing them, says 3M, to work comfortably for long periods.

The design is described as streamlined, lightweight, stylish and intuitive, and the new systems are said to be adaptable to changing environments, needs and comfort preferences.

For example, a lightweight hood can be switched to a robust headtop incorporating a helmet, if, suggests 3M, the worker moves to a task requiring head protection. And, if a hazard is introduced that cannot be filtered, a powered-air system can be changed over to a supplied-air system by replacing the turbo unit with a regulator, adds the company.

Among the Versaflo portfolio is the TR-300 Powered Air Respirator range, which is said to combine optimal comfort and performance with a high level of protection. 3M says the filter on these products captures hazardous dust, mist and fume, while its lithium battery quickly charges, has no memory effect, and incorporates a charge indicator.

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