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December 8, 2010

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Protective workwear – Draeger CPS 7900 suit

A reusable chemical-protection suit has been developed by Draeger. According to the company, should an outer layer of the CPS 7900 suit be damaged, the wearer is kept safe via a new tear-resistant, five-layer, laminated D-Mex material, which protects against chemical effects, bursts of flames, and toxic and cryogenic substances. A pressure-gauge holder is located in the field of view.

Freedom of movement and full awareness of the environment is assured by a comfortable, ergonomic design, adds Draeger, along with an almost natural field of vision through the anti-fogging visor. The company also confirms that the D-Mex material is safe to use in potentially explosive environments, as well as offering protection from contact with extremely cold temperatures. Faster recovery in man-down situations can be aided by the Draeger-Connect system, says the company, allowing the rescuer to grip the suit of the wearer.  

Easy integration with existing equipment is another reported benefit, with compatibility with other forms of PPE, such as helmets and face masks, highlighted. The suit can also be connected to an external source of air for long-duration work. In addition, when working in hot and humid conditions, the wearer can be supplied with cool air to aid comfort.

The CPS 7900 is said to have a 15-year life expectancy. For more information, telephone 01670 561200, or visit

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