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July 28, 2010

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Protective eyewear – Uvex safety spectacles

Safety equipment provider uvex says results of tests it conducted on safety spectacles show that those who buy cheap ones, costing around £2 per pair rather than superior-quality ones for £6, will likely end up paying double over the course of a year to protect employees’ eyes.

The real cost of protective eyewear is its cost over its entire life span, explains the company. In uvex’s tests, their own and other manufacturers’ safety spectacles were repeatedly washed to see how quickly their anti-fog coating deteriorated. The tests revealed that users of the £2 spectacles would go through 22 pairs a year, costing an average £44 per person, while those using spectacles costing £6 per pair would only need 3.6 pairs in a year because the anti-fog coating lasts up to and beyond 12 weeks, a total cost of £21.60 per person per year – thus demonstrating that it is a false economy to skimp and buy the cheaper spectacles, concludes uvex.

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