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July 21, 2010

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Personalised PPE – Helmet personalisation service

JSP has introduced a low-cost helmet personalisation service that will allow customisation of JSP’s Mk 7 safety helmets with corporate imaging and individual employee names. The company says allowing workers to have personalised helmets will increase their sense of ownership for the equipment, make each item instantly traceable, and simplify the identification of staff on site.

JSP said it launched the personalisation service in response to the increased number of temporary workers and the greater need for identification in construction and industrial environments. It is intended to improve security at work but also create a greater sense of team inclusion, with every worker now able to address even temporary colleagues by name, adds the company.

Each Mk7 safety helmet can be printed on the rear, front or sides with any information, such as individual names, corporate imaging or even medical information. Printing can be in black or white to complement or contrast with the helmet colour.

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