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March 13, 2013

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Hand protection – Polyco Mad Grip

Hand-protection supplier Polyco has launched the Mad Grip range, which is said to last up to 10 times longer than traditionally dipped products.

Said to deliver outstanding anti-abrasion and dry grip performance, with high levels of comfort and dexterity, the Mad Grip range uses TPE, a combination of plastic and rubber, which is heated to its liquid form and injected at high pressure into a mould cavity containing the glove liner. The thermoplastic solution then cools, securely bonding to the glove fabric, explains Polyco.

The ergonomically-designed mould is said to incorporate pre-curved palm and finger construction and provides a comfortable and natural fit, giving extra flexibility in areas where it is needed most. According to Polyco, a tread-pattern system provides superior dry grip, which requires the wearer to exert less force when gripping an object, or surface. This makes the glove suitable for repetitive lifting of large or small objects.

A breathable, seamless liner made from a combination of cotton, nylon and spandex add to the high level of comfort created by the mould, says the company. The Mad Grip + and Mad Grip Therm are said to benefit from additional thermoplastic coating on the back of the hands, providing protection for high-risk abrasion areas, such as the knuckles.

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