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July 30, 2014

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Global occupational health & safety management standard step closer

Progress is being made on an international occupational health and safety (OH&S) management systems standard, which aims to prevent avoidable workplace tragedies from taking place. 

The new standard aims to provide a single, clear framework for organisations to improve their OH&S performance and protect those workers affected by an organisation’s activities. Despite regulatory activity, work-related disease has become a huge burden on businesses globally. 

A public consultation period for the committee draft of ISO 45001 — Occupational health and safety management standard systems — requirements with guidance for use is now open, with UK comments requested by 8 September.

BSI, the UK’s national standards body, is leading the consultation process in the UK and is calling on interested parties to register their comments online.  A panel of experts will consider the comments before formally forwarding comments to the international committee.

The new standard, which is due to be published in October 2016, will replace OHSAS 18001 but will also draw on other important documents and discussion points gleaned from safety professionals from around the world. 

SHP will be running a detailed article on ISO 45001 in the October issue. 

To register comments online, visit: 


Sleep and Fatigue: Director’s Briefing

Fatigue is common amongst the population, but particularly among those working abnormal hours, and can arise from excessive working time or poorly designed shift patterns. It is also related to workload, in that workers are more easily fatigued if their work is machine-paced, complex or monotonous.

This free director’s briefing contains:

  • Key points;
  • Recommendations for employers;
  • Case law;
  • Legal duties.
Barbour EHS
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Nigel Dupree
Nigel Dupree
51 years ago

Just thought I would have another go just like to see if one could actually post a comment or whether like usual it was rejected

Nigel Dupree
Nigel Dupree
51 years ago

Good grief it works again and I was beginning to think no one loves me not no more except it was quite easy to add a comment to the above consultation something that I was convinced was going to be a right palava. Obviously the draft is in sort of euro-speak but really pretty good soooo, do go have a look see and add something if for no other reason than making a contribution.