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July 21, 2011

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Eye protection – Pegaso safety glasses

Essex Fire & Rescue Service’s technical-rescue team has chosen Vimpex’s Pegaso safety glasses as its preferred protective eyewear.

Vimpex supplies PPE, technical rescue and lighting masts to rescue services, and the Police and military sectors. The company says it is using its knowledge of the UK rescue sector to introduce Pegaso F1 safety glasses to the market.

Described as stylish in design, the glasses are extremely comfortable and incorporate an innovative neoprene eye-protector, which prevents dust, water spray and other particles from entering the eyes.

Designed and manufactured in Spain, the Pegaso glasses range is said to combine sunglasses-style design along with EN 166 safety standards. The company highlights research that shows that if a wearer is comfortable with the look and feel of their safety glasses they are much more likely to wear them, which should ensure that eye safety is rarely compromised. 

Among Vimpex’s core product range are Pacific safety helmets, Ogura battery-powered hydraulic tools for technical rescue, and Fireco masts for lighting, surveillance and communications.

For more information on all its products, e-mail: [email protected] or visit

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