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October 29, 2010

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Employers reminded of risks of turning back the clock

Insurance giant Aviva is advising companies to ensure they are managing the risks associated with the changes in daylight hours on Sunday (31 October).

Aviva Risk Management Solutions (ARMS) liability risk manager, Phil Grace, warns that the risk of accidents start to increase as the days begin to darken. He said: “In the first few days after the clocks go back, it is important even if you are familiar with the route you take to work to be extra vigilant, and look out for cyclists and pedestrians who may be wearing darker-coloured clothing.

“It’s not just commuting to work in the dark that can cause problems, but accidents can also happen in the workplace. This is especially true for outdoor occupations such as construction, farming and delivery services, which may be working in darkness in the early morning and late evening.”

“Those working either mainly or partly outdoors should try to schedule a later start in the mornings and earlier finish in the evenings, as illuminating an outdoor workplace such as a farm or site can be difficult.

Phil also stressed that companies should carry out maintenance checks to make sure that work areas and pathways are adequately lit. He said: “if you manage or are responsible for maintaining the building, check any external lights are working, as they may not have been used for a number of months.

“The benefit of the clocks going back may be an extra hour in bed, but failing to manage the risks associated with those darker mornings and nights could result in some sleepless nights for businesses.”

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13 years ago

Why oh why do we change our clocks and suffer a flurry of accidents & distruption twice a year, The M1 / M18 region has suffered 3 times this week! On top of that the day is now short affecting outdoor activites & the businesses involved as well as affecting the nation’s mood. Come on Westmister keep BST all year round, please…