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January 23, 2008

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Down with dust

Described as a new ATEX-standard cartridge-filter cleaning system, Kiekens’ Dustmaster DM9000 is available from Flextraction Ltd. The system is said to capture at source all forms of airborne contamination, such as dust, fume and oil mist, and is designed for use in the sheet metal and woodworking, plastics, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

According to the company, it meets directive 94/9EC category 2 for equipment intended for potentially explosive atmospheres. It is also suitable for high airflow processes, and handling continuous dust loads, while maintaining clean filters and consistent airflow.

Features include: a cleaning process controlled either by an optional timer or pressure differential using a filter cleaning control unit; regulator valves to control the airflow to the filter being cleaned; and sequential filter-cleaning cycles.

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