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October 31, 2011

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Arco bangs the drum for science

Safety products distributor Arco has joined forces with the Bloodhound Ambassador Programme, which aims to create and encourage a surge in the popularity of science technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM subjects) by working closely with schools and colleges throughout the UK.

The programme is run almost exclusively by volunteers, who share a passion for the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car, and those wanting to inspire young students through science and engineering projects.

Arco is exclusive supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE), footwear and workwear to the Bloodhound team. Its ambassadors have been visiting schools to hold sessions to engage youngsters in a fun and exciting way, such as by encouraging after-school science clubs and taking part in interactive ‘off-curriculum’ sessions.

The project hopes that the world land-speed record attempt of 1000mph due to take place in 2013 will inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians to design the low-carbon, high-efficiency infrastructure of the future.

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12 years ago

I applaud this action by Arco, however as the majority of jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine require a degree this intiative is likely to be short lived unless the government takes ation to support the UK’s science base and ensure that future graduates have jobs in which to use their knowledge and skills.

At the moment science and engineering are woefully underfunded in the UK and the situation appears to be getting worse with fewer research grants being awarded.