Safety & Health Expo 2018

Latest news and features from Safety & Health Expo 2018:

How does sleep impact on health and productivity?

In the run up to Safety & Health Expo 2018, SHP meets sleep expert Marcus de Guingand, who discusses what he believes is the cause of sleep deprivation in recent years, the most common types of sleeping disorders and why you should see him present at the show in June. Read More

New wellbeing service launched

To mark the launch Barbour EHS and The Healthy Work Company hosted a session on Practical Approaches to Wellbeing, with a specific focus on Mental Health, for industry delegates. Read More

Robot safety part 6: data mining

John Kersey continues his exploration of the methods and techniques used to make AI such a potentially effective tool for safety. Read More

Ruby Wax inspirational quotes

Mental health campaigner and comedian Ruby Wax OBE will be speaking at Safety & Health Expo in June. Read More

Five key facts about stress that everyone should know

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week is shining a spotlight on stress. Here, Jaan Madan, Workplace Lead at Mental Health First Aid England, looks at five key facts about stress that everyone should know Read More

Employers can fill the bereavement support void for many

Our much-overworked NHS does not have the resources available to offer mass support for the bereaved, but employers are in […] Read More

The real reason employees call in sick: one fifth mask stress as a physical illness

UK employees have revealed the real reason they call in sick – despite claiming to have a physical health problem, they admit it’s actually stress (21%), anxiety (18%) and/or depression (20%). Read More

Dealing with stress in the workplace

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) provides some advice on dealing with Stress for Mental Health Awareness Week. Read More

Industry urged to boost investment in workforce wellbeing to reap productivity rewards

A survey by EEF and Westfield Health shows wide-ranging benefits to performance from positive approach to mental health. Read More

Work isn’t working for millennial mental health

Millennials feel most under pressure in the workplace, reveals survey by the Mental Health Foundation, in partnership with Mental Health First Aid England, to mark the start of Mental Health Awareness Week (14-20 May). Read More

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