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October 9, 2015

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Safety trainers explained

Safety trainers are a more casual style of safety footwear, for those who do not need the level of protection offered by a steel toe boot or shoe and for those who prefer not to wear standard safety boots.

Why safety trainers?

  • Safety trainers are a relaxed and comfortable style of safety footwear that can pass as everyday street shoes.
  • Workers reluctant to wear safety footwear maybe more easily persuaded if the option for them is a safety trainer over a boot.
  • Safety trainers are aimed at those who need toe protection but don’t necessarily like the style of traditional safety shoes and boots.
  • This style of safety footwear can be particularly popular with tradesmen in the construction industry (plasterers, electricians, plumbers etc.) and with delivery drivers and couriers because they are comfortable to drive in.

And remember…

…choose the right trainers for the job. As with all safety footwear, safety trainers can have many different features and come in many different combinations – waterproof, insulated, 6-inch, 8-inch, steel toe, composite toe, aluminium toe, electrical hazard, electrostatic-dissipative, puncture resistant, and slip resistant. They must always conform to the EN 20345:2011 standard and be CE marked.

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