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August 14, 2015

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Protection & Management Exhibitors Support 2015’s Official Charity for Young, Budding Apprentices

Step Forward (part of The Challenge) was the Official Charity Partner of Protection & Management 2015, which took place in June and included Safety & Health Expo, IFSEC International, FIREX International, and Facilities Show.

 Step Forward’s main purpose is getting young people into high quality apprenticeship programmes and they work on a local level to build connections between people from all walks of life. 30,000 young people are involved in The Challenge’s programmes in 2015, so introducing the hundreds of thriving businesses exhibiting at the event to this huge pool of talent was always going to be mutually beneficial.

 Representatives of Step Forward were onsite for the three days of the show, and they spoke to exhibitors about the advantages of taking on a young novice. Many exhibitors were immediately keen to take up the opportunity to work together and several 12 months apprenticeships have already been set up. Candidates are currently being interviewed and will start in their new roles on 1 September.

Engaged companies include:

·         CSL Dualcom, taking on an IT apprentice

·         Axis Communications, taking on a Business Support apprentice

·         Aspen Electronics, taking on a Sales and Business Support apprentice

More are expected to follow shortly.

 Following the event we caught up with Charlie McClellend of Aspen Electronics, who told us about the firm’s decision to take on an apprentice: “We attended the show and the guidance we offered on how to comply with the new EU directive forcing every employer to monitor their workspace for EMF emissions next year was very well received. So well in fact that we are now looking to grow our internal sales force, and were approached about using apprentices by Step Forward, who have been very prompt and professional. The result: interviews have already been arranged and we expect a hire very soon”.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of working with Step Forward contact [email protected]

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