New products

New products are not necessarily innovative. They are often product enhancements, or a variation on a theme which is already available elsewhere. People do want to see and know about new products – but let’s just call them new products rather than innovation. We will signal these on the show guide, the app, the Zed Card so you know which exhibitors have new products to show.

Innovations in process – case studies

Both facilities managers and safety professionals want to steal ideas from the best, and there are always interesting and exciting new approaches going on in both communities.

Companies involved in Clive Johnson’s Principle Contractors Group are constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries in delivery of occupational health for example, then there is the role of diversity and inclusion specialist sitting inside the health and safety team at Crossrail.

These are ideas best featured in the theatres on show floors, and written up in SHP. In Facilities Show for the first time this year we have a whole theatre dedicated to the delivery of case studies.

Genuinely brand new ideas

This year I have been working with BSIF to try to expand the companies entering their Innovation awards – presented at Safety and Health Expo – from outside their typical membership.

Whilst there is innovation in PPE suppliers and the ‘hard’ services, there are so many interesting things happening in other areas too – and those people don’t typically know about the awards.  Here are a few of the innovations which have got me excited in the last six months:

DorsaVi – A new technology that measures human movement to give companies,  objective, easy to interpret data that can be used to establish future musculo-skeletal risks.

Jincom – recognising the fact that lots of us are now dealing with multi cultural workforces, uses illustration and animation to simplify complex information, making it understandable and engaging for all.

Acre Frameworks – Acre have identified a skill gap beyond technical competences for individuals who are able to drive change and deliver business outcomes.  Together with Health and Safety leaders, they have developed Acre Frameworks – a unique assessment tool designed to define, understand and improve the behavioural and business competencies of safety professionals.

If I haven’t mentioned you – please contact us! We love to promote genuine innovation at SHP, Safety & Health Expo and Facilities Show and at the very least will ensure you get some press coverage.  Also – there are still two weeks left to apply for the BSIF Safety Awards.

Finally, get your ticket to Safety & Health Expo or Facilities Show yet, to see both new products, genuine innovation and hear case studies from your peers, please click on the links above to get your ticket!