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May 27, 2015

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Speed: the psychology of violations for the common man

I have a friend – or so it goes – that travels by car quite a bit.

The trouble is, the motorways are choked with 30 mile stretches of 40 & 50mph average speed restrictions (installation of smart sign gantries, replacement of central barrier, etc). Towns and cities are the same – it’s summer and road repair is in full swing. Frustrations at every turn.

At least in town, he can race between speed cameras. No chance with average speed cameras.

When the road clears, he speeds to reclaim the time stolen from him. He’s been held up unreasonably through no fault of his own, so why shouldn’t he?

The others on the road just don’t understand how important his job is and his need to get there quickly. They frustrate him. After all, that’s why he needs his Audi – or Mercedes or BMW – and the outside lane is specifically intended for such emergencies. They should all just keep out of his way.

Of course he believes in the rule of law, but his circumstances are different – everyone can understand that.

In any case, he’s not bending the rules too much and he’s been lucky so far – so that almost proves his case.

He used to just do 75mph, but now he needs to do 90-100mph as his job has become even busier.

Anyway, everyone does it, and cars these days are so much safer.

And another thing…

Recognise him, anybody?

David-Towlson-low-resDavid Towlson is director of training and quality for RRC



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