How to tackle welding fume for everyone in your business

And why you need a zero-tolerance approach

If you’ve ever been tempted to ask why there is a need for legislation at all, the answer is simple. Welding fumes are toxic and can make you ill. Seriously ill in some cases. It is therefore important you adhere to strict guidelines to keep your workers safe. In fact, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has classified welding fume as a carcinogen in humans and has therefore strengthened enforcement for all welding in any industry.

The rules state that if local exhaust ventilation on its own fails to control exposure, then it must be supplemented by suitable respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to protect against residual fume. RPE must also be provided for outdoor welding. All welders must be instructed and trained in the use of these controls.

The HSE will no longer tolerate any welding undertaken without suitable exposure control measures in place. Failure to meet the HSE’s standards could result in a range of penalties and additional costs, including prosecution.

This whitepaper from zehnder outlines how you can tackle welding fumes through a zero-tolerance approach.

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