Webinar: Behaviour Based Safety: Integrating the Human Factor

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Behaviour Based Safety, or BBS, is an occupational health and safety management tool to reduce and prevent accidents, generate behavioural changes, integrate workplace health and safety and create a preventive culture.

In this webinar, you will learn about the principles and objectives of BBS, the current challenges in the landscape and why we need to focus on the human element. You will gain a clear insight into what a BBS programme should look like along with how Quentic’s software solution can support your organisations BBS programme.

When you attend this webinar, you will explore:

  • Tri conditional Theory of Secure Behaviour​
  • Behaviour Based Safety in a nutshell: What it consists of and its principles​
  • Discover how Behaviour Based Safety can be used as a tool for improving the safety culture ​within your organisation
  • The foundations of designing and implementing a BBS program with software support

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Tamara Volkova.

Tamara Volkova

Senior Pre-Sales consultantå

Tamara Volkova is a Senior Pre-Sales consultant based in Barcelona and supporting international Sales. Tamara has been in Quentic for 4+ years, focusing her attention onto the development of the Spanish as well as UK markets and assisting with sales process in other countries as far as Australia. Tamara’s main focus is driving customers to understanding of the importance of Health & Safety within the organization and advising them on how Quentic’s solutions can best enhance their organisation health and safety. Risk Assessments, Hazardous Substances Management as well as Quentic App usage are her favorite topics within the Quentic portfolio. Studying local requirements for different markets and transfer of the knowledge to the product team is something that Tamara strives to achieve.

Christin Kuntzsch

Customer Success Manager

Christin Kuntzsch is a Customer Success Manager at AMCS (Quentic) and has spent 5 years in the EHS sector. She is an international professional with a strong focus on customer support and consultative service. Spending 7 years in Paris and 5 years in London have helped her to gain an excellent understanding of global brands and broad experience of working across sectors, from manufacturers, producers to renowned multinationals as well as on an international level.

Being a Customer Success Manager allows her to understand Customer’ s needs, foster customer relationships, provide detailed product insights and help customers reach their desired goals using the product. Christin acts as a bridge between the customer and the company, relaying customer feedback to relevant departments for continuous product improvement.

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