Pandemic preparedness: Propel your safety culture forward by avoiding these 7 mistakes

While most organisations have launched their business continuity programs, for those that are truly safety-focused, they have gone to the next level by creating a strong safety observation program.

Pandemic Preparedness

The plague of coronavirus has presented personal, emotional and workplace safety challenges the likes of which many of us have never seen. For many, responding to COVID-19 health concerns meant completely re-organising priorities and re-thinking the way we viewed our day-to-day interactions with our people and our environments. In one way or another, everyone’s lives have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Many have used this time to put an emphasis on the value of health and safety. Similarly, in the throes of coronavirus response, workplaces around the world have refocused their attention on the value of worker safety. Though some newly adopted workplace safety processes might be viewed as “temporarily permanent,” Intelex believes that the re-focus on personal and workplace safety provides an opportunity for a long-lasting change in the way safety is viewed and can positively impact the organisational culture.

Download this guide and learn how:

  • A top-down and policing-focused approach will result in low employee morale and engagement;
  • The lack of action based on reported observations can lead to a lack of trust between employees and management;
  • Creating a closed-loop feedback process can drive improvement in your safety management program.

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