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All the latest news from court, including  health and safety prosecutions, fines  for health and safety breaches and other penalties.

At a glance – video round-up of the 10 biggest health and safety prosecutions of 2019.

Families distressed after witnessing horrifying fairground collapse, court hears

The owner and operator of a poorly-maintained fairground ride has been fined after it collapsed sending two teenage boys hurtling from the car. Read More

Post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosed following lifting incident

A Stockport worker's left hand was badly mangled in the hook on a crane because lifting chains were unavailable ヨ despite being manufactured in the same factory, a court has heard. Read More

Vigilance cannot be stressed enough

In addition to a well-drafted "well-being" policy an employer should always be alert to signs of stress among employees and be quick to act, as this round-up of cases by Kevin Bridges illustrates. Read More

Nursing home fined £12,000 for safety breach which led to resident’s death

A Co Down nursing home that admitted a health and safety breach, which led to an 82-year-old resident's death, has been fined £12,000. Read More

Thames Water fined £300k following confined spaces breach

Thames Water has been fined following an incident in which three workers were carried along a sewer after a 150-year-old sewer gate collapsed. Read More

Manufacturing firm fined after worker loses parts of her finger in unguarded machinery

An absorbent product manufacturing firm has been fined after an agency worker’s hand was caught in a rotating fan blade, causing her life-changing injuries. Read More

Fine after woman fatally crushed by roller shutter door

An electrical company has been fined after a woman was fatally crushed by a roller shutter door. Read More

Care home fined after resident swallowed chlorine tablets

A care home operator has been fined £270,000 after a resident put chlorine tablets in his mouth and chewed them, leading to his death. Read More

Worker’s thumb amputated after crush incident

An employee of a Devon-based animal feed manufacturer suffered life-changing injuries after his hand was crushed in a pellet press. Read More

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