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March 13, 2015

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Safety in colours


Personal protective equipment (PPE), and more importantly, the use of appropriate safety gloves, are a must for those working in industries where the risk of injury to hands is present. With that in mind, staff and indeed managers need a quick and effective way of ensuring that everyone is using the right gloves for their task.

 Anything that makes it easier to identify the correct gloves should be encouraged. At TraffiGlove, we’ve employed a simple three colour-coded system (red, amber and green) delivering a quick indicator as to the suitability of the glove by allowing anyone to see, at a glance, whether the glove delivers appropriate protection for the task at hand. The colour-coding relates to the gloves performance on the EN 388 test for cut resistance.

Of course, using a system like this is much quicker and removes the potential for confusion. If employees know that the task they are undertaking involves a high cut risk for example, they can simply select a pair of our green TraffiGloves, safe in the knowledge that they will deliver appropriate protection.

With that in mind, lets take a look at the range. Our red gloves provide the lowest cut protection making them ideal for general product handling, warehouse and assembly line tasks. The red colour itself is a warning to the wearers to be sure they are always wearing sufficient protection. Amber gloves offer a medium level of protection and are ideally suited to second fix construction trades, mechanical and electrical works and steel fixing. Finally, our green gloves provide the highest level so you are ‘safe to go’ – ideal for high cut risk tasks such as applying cladding, swarf and metal work or if handling sharp or jagged materials.

Our flagship innovation, the TraffiSafe colour-coded system, which has been imitated by manufacturers around the world, was developed from our own research with customers from many industries who were asking for a simple and common sense approach to raising safety awareness. After research was completed we applied the principle of good, better, and best– hence, the arrival of red, amber and green gloves. This system has improved safety for over 100,000 glove wearers around the world

So, in order to get the right gloves for the task in hand, see what a safety glove specialist has to offer. At TraffiGlove we understand how difficult it can be to specify and implement a hand safety policy on site. Our easy-to-use safety glove system allows for instant identification so you and your team will know what a particular glove is for, and if the wearer has the right cut protection.

Franz Lorenschitz is marketing manager at TraffiGlove

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