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July 26, 2019

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COSHH Risk Assessment

New COSHH Risk Assessment Builder launched

THSP Risk Management has announced the launch of its latest Risk Assessment software – a COSHH Risk Assessment Builder (CAB).

COSHH Risk Assessment BuilderThe software allows users to complete a full risk assessment of the substances used and created in their workplace and gain a document which outlines the existing and required control measures for the location and person affected by the substance.

Based on the HSE’s substance evaluation tool, COSHH Essentials, the CAB fully evaluates each solid, liquid or gas, or a combination of these, to enable full and accurate assessment of the control measures needed when working with the materials, based on the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet information.

“Our aim is to continuously reinforce the HSE’s message that generic assessment sheets are insufficient. THSP believes in providing a safe working environment where an assessment includes an extended evaluation of that workplace, the user and the relevant control measures necessary, each time a substance is used,” said Chris Ivey, Consultant Director at THSP.

“Too often on our audits and site inspections, we see packs of COSHH Assessment that have been downloaded for each product, with only a new address added. These assessments often fall well short of information and may not be sufficient if substances are being mixed, as entirely new hazards may be generated.

“A good assessment not only communicates the dangers but sets out appropriate control measures and identifies the right PPE, all things that we made sure were included in the new tool.”

THSP’s COSHH Risk Assessment Builder is available through its customer portal allowing multiple users access and the ability to download copies to send to their staff. To request a trial, click here.

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