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August 22, 2019

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Essential safety equipment and information where it’s needed

Launched at Safety & Health Expo in June, SafetyHub from Howler UK, claims to be a revolutionary new concept offering a highly mobile and durable safety centre-point, enabling the user to place safety equipment and information exactly where they need it.

SafetyHubConstructed in tough rotationally moulded plastic, SafetyHub is designed to survive in the most demanding environments. As such, it carries a five-year warranty. It is compact, fitting easily through a standard doorway, and completely re-cyclable when it reaches the end of its life.

SafetyHub is modular in design, offering an almost endless number of configurations to suit the specific needs of each site. Each part is moulded in three colour options, to reflect the standard safety colours; Red: Fire, Green: First Aid/Safe Condition and Yellow: Spill/Warning. This approach facilitates multi-purpose centre-points, so that users can bring together different types of equipment – for example, fire extinguishers and a spill response kit adjacent a diesel storage tank.

Said to be perfect for a use on construction sites, factories, workshops, filling stations, civil engineering projects, events, SafetyHub is also equally at home indoors or out.

Click here to design the configurator tool and create your own SafetyHub.

Courage, resilience and breaking the mould

Find insights and inspiration from the 75+ hours of seminars at Safety & Health Expo 2019 in this exclusive eBook, and see what you could discover at next year's event.

Read about the courage to speak out about mental health and drive change within the industry, the resilience to adapt to new legislation and cope with new challenges, and cultural change and leadership that truly breaks the mould.

Safety & Health Expo 2019 insight

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