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March 12, 2015

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Book review: Common Sense Guide to Health and Safety at Work

Book coverCommon Sense Guide to Health and Safety at Work

Author: Subash Ludhra

I do have an issue with people who say that ‘health and safety is common sense’. In my opinion, it is a term widely used by politicians or employers as a means to excuse themselves from having to explain hazards or risks because in their view it is ‘common sense’. Everybody already understands the issues and the precautions to be taken.

Is it somewhat quirky then that a book has been written telling us something that we are expected to already know?

Perhaps I sound a little pedantic but, title aside, this is a well presented little read that by its own admission states that it is aimed at the non-health and safety professional. For a majority of you then, you might decide to stop reading any further from this point.

If you are still here, perhaps you are an employer or a health and safety manager responsible for someone who is new to the subject and just learning their craft. In which case you’ll be glad you stayed with me.

With its large font and colourful pictures and graphics it is a jargon free title which makes it easy on the eye. There are a series of questions that can be completed at the end of each chapter in order to test your understanding – it even has a multiple choice exam that the reader can take and get certified against.

The book encourages you to look around your own working environment and identify items such as first aid facilities, safety signs and accident procedures.

I was happy to give this book to a new colleague who enjoyed working through each section and had fun testing her colleagues with the questions. I’m not telling you if I got them all right or not!

Common Sense Guide to Health & Safety at Work by Subash Ludhra is available from Routledge for £17.99.

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