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October 30, 2015

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Training provider takes steps to improve

Health and safety training course provider Health & Safety Training Ltd say it is the first in its sector to benefit from new self-assessment and improvement planning software to improve its readiness for Ofsted inspections.

Health & Safety Training Ltd, which operates from an accredited training centre in Newcastle upon Tyne, provides safety courses covering forklift, mobile plant and elevated working platform operation.

The company say that in early 2015 they decided to improve their internal processes and procedures to ensure they were better placed to comply with Ofsted changes that came into force in September. The move has seen Mesma’s director Carole Loader provide consultancy services, working one-to-one with Health & Safety Training Ltd’s quality manager Louise Murray to develop and deliver a structured new self-assessment and improvement planning system to support future evaluative activities, they explain.

The training firm add that Mesma’s initial consultancy work supported the development of a framework to secure thier future quality assurance requirements around safeguarding, CPD, inspection notification, communications planning, observation processes, filing systems and accessibility, securing stakeholder views, and subcontractor QA arrangements.

Mesma also examined ways for handling and tracking management information to enable Health & Safety Training Ltd to be more responsive to trends and showcase performance management successes, they say.

According to Louise Murray, adopting the Mesma software was the ‘logical next step’ after the initial coaching work revealed how better prepared she and Health & Safety Training Ltd would be for Ofsted – including the Common Inspection Framework (CIF) – by having an improved structure and greater self-assessment and improvement planning in place.

Health & Safety Training Ltd says that the software delivers improvements in the training provider’s capacity to undertake self-assessment, delivering superior managerial control and bringing greater transparency and efficiencies to time intensive processes – all the information required for Ofsted inspections is readily available, they say.

Louise Murray explains that the firm looked at how well Health & Safety Training Ltd’s systems met the CIF, alongside safeguarding and IQA arrangements, specifically those focused on monitoring the impact of quality assurance activities to ensure they have a beneficial impact on improving operational practices. She adds: “The initial work with Carole has been invaluable in developing new approaches to managing Ofsted inspections, while regulations around safeguarding can be conformed to much easier.

“We are now moving ahead with using Mesma, and are still populating it, but already we are seeing significant improvements.

“It helps us to keep a clear record of where we are and what we need to improve on with a focus on developments that directly impact on people right across the organisation. We feel it has definitely improved our readiness for inspection, while offering greater transparency so we see easily what areas need improving and why.

“Moreover, the senior leadership team and managing director benefit from shared ownership of the system, enabling them to see critical information about improvement and planning at the press of a button. This will help them to make quicker and better informed decisions about the business as we move forward in the light of the Ofsted changes.”

Mesma is a web-based resource enabling important areas of the self-assessment process and the associated improvement plan activities to be allocated to authorised people within any education environment. Its key purpose is to drive accountability to improve educational provision for students and learners.

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