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October 30, 2015

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Seminar will look at ergonomics

A free to attend seminar in November will present an overview of ergonomics. Organisers Scaglia Indeva Ltd say that manufacturing companies that do not utilise the principles of ergonomics in their production processes risk increased production costs and reduced company profits.

Industrial designer and ergonomist, Dr Steve Rutherford BA MSc is to deliver an introduction to ergonomics at the event, taking place on Tuesday 17 November 2015.

According to Scaglia Indeva, manufacturers of industrial manipulators and intelligent handling systems, Government statistics show that 35 million days a year are lost in British industry due to accidents and work related injuries, such as repetitive strain injury (RSI), and back pain, and so the use of ergonomics in the industrial workplace could have a significant and positive impact on these figures.

The company say the seminar will:

  • give an overview of the birth of ergonomics during World War II, demonstrating the variability in the human frame and how this impacts on design in the workplace
  • allow delegates to gain a better understanding of how the study of ergonomics can be used to improve production efficiency and employee wellbeing.

The talk will be followed by some production-line case studies which they say puts the subject into context for manufacturers, concluded by a session on the relevant legislation.

According to Scaglia Indeva, the seminar is for senior personnel in production line management, engineering or operations, health and safety, quality or works management.  It will be hosted at the Clay Cross headquarters of Indeva UK (the UK branch of Scaglia Indeva Ltd). Sessions will take place are at 10am, 12 noon, 2pm and 4pm and will last approximately 2.5 hours; refreshments will be served throughout the day, they add.

The event is free, but the company advise that places must be pre-booked. To register, call the Ergonomics seminar hotline on 01246 389 057 or email the events team at [email protected].

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