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October 6, 2009

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Safety interlock- End coding

Industrial safety specialist Castell says it has adopted an innovative manufacturing process to improve efficiency and benefit end-users, machine-builders and distributors.

End coding of interlocks enables them to be fitted uncoded to machinery and remain there until they are commissioned. According to Castell, the coding scheme can be changed right up until commissioning is accepted, when an authorised coding engineer codes the system. As a result, standard products can now be held as stock with distributors and machine-builders, speeding up the supply chain, adds Castell.

The system relies on a coded tablet that is inserted into the lock. Once inserted, the tablet cannot be removed or recoded, which guarantees the integrity and safety of the system. Tablets can be provided within 24 hours of being defined and requested.

Since trapped key interlocks were first designed, the production of any system could not start until each code within it had been defined. This meant there was no flexibility during the commissioning phase for alterations once the locks had been fitted, explains Castell. Similarly, since each unit had been individually coded, replacement stock required a full set of duplicates to be kept as spares.

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