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October 6, 2015

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ProGreen – protection products with the EcoCert certificate

International company Skincare Innovations B.V. will be showing its ProGreen protection products at the A+A Exhibition, taking place in Düsseldorf at the end of October.

The company say that the products of the ProGreen brand are certified by EcoCert, the international organization that guarantees the highest quality of the natural product, adding that it is the only PPE brand in the world to be certified thus. The standard is accepted in 80 countries, they say.

According to Skincare Innovations B.V. ProGreen is the first line of skin protection products manufactured under the strict ecological standards, with at least 95% of its ingredients being of plant origin, and not less than 10% are of organic production. The company describe the five products included in the line as follows:

Universal protective cream ProGreen® Eco Protect: for hands and face, offering protection from a wide range of work-related impurities. Fruit water moisturizes the skin. Castor oil has a healing effect, protects and regenerates the skin after damages. Bee wax enforces the protective function of the skin.

Multi-functional paste ProGreen®  Eco Clean: for hands and face, this cleans the skin from extra-enduring impurities such as oils, greasing agents, graphite, metal and coal dust. Scrub of natural pumice and rice purifies the skin gently and effectively. Castor oil moisturizes and softens the skin.

Soft liquid soap ProGreen Eco Soap: for cleansing from slight impurities saves natural moisture of the skin and perfectly removes slight impurities. The soap doesn’t over-dry the skin due to its soft cleansing components. Fruit water moisturizes the skin. The packing is equipped with a comfortable dosage device.

Regenerating cream ProGreen® Eco Care: for hands and face regenerates the skin. Natural almond oil nourishes the skin in deep layers. Shea butter softens and anticipates the regeneration of the skin. Bisabolol enforces protective functions of the skin and regenerates it after damages.

Winter cream-stick ProGreen Eco Frost Protect: for protection in extreme climate conditions is designed in the form of a stick and is easy to use. It can be applied right in freeze as it is free of water. Moisturizing oil of cocoа beans as the natural antioxidant enhances the protective function of the skin. Natural extract of magnolia crust reduces skin destruction and aging. Bisabolol has a healing effect and makes the skin healthy. Additional blister prevents damages to the packing-stick. It is easy to open without removing gloves.

The company go on to point out the “air free” packagaing prevents the air from getting inside, protecting the product quality they say .

As the ProGreen range is a completely ecologically-oriented brand,all proceeds from eco-brand sales are used to support environment defending programs, say Skincare Innovations B.V.

A+A 2015 takes place 27-30 October in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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