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November 10, 2008

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PPE for Construction- A PPE range to be proud of

3M’s acquisition of Aearo Technologies earlier this year saw the expansion of its Occupational Health and Environmental Safety platform.

The company’s existing line of safety products has been complemented by Peltor and E.A.R-branded hearing protection, along with additional eyewear and head-protection products.

The new Peltor UV-icator Helmet features a spot that changes colour according to how much exposure to ultraviolet light the product has had. Prolonged exposure to UV light from the sun is known to degrade the plastics used in safety helmets, potentially reducing their performance. According to 3M, the UV-icator technology allows the wearer to know how much exposure the helmet has had and, so, when to change it.

3M says it offers thousands of practical and ingenious solutions for the construction industry through an extraordinary range of innovative technologies and products. The company adds that its technology brings performance and value to virtually every aspect of the construction process. For further information visit

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