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August 15, 2012

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Portable appliance testing – Martindale Electric HPAT 600 Kit

Martindale Electric says its new, advanced HPAT 600 Kit is a complete PAT kit specifically designed for both contractors and competent in-house personnel.

The kit is said to include a carefully selected range of test equipment and accessories to permit fast, accurate and efficient on-site testing, suitable for most commercial applications. The main instrument is the HPAT 600, described as a quality unit able to quickly and safely test any portable appliance. The HPAT 600 is designed to perform safety checks in accordance with the IEE code of Practice (3rd edition) and, being lightweight and compact, is ideal for swiftly getting from one appliance to the next to save time, Martindale points out.

Also incorporated in the kit is the VT2 non-contact voltage indicator. Said to be exceptionally easy to use, the VT2 will safely and conveniently verify the presence of any AC voltage between 200V and 1000V at outlets, switches, electrical panels, wires and cables, eliminating any potential danger of working on a live circuit, says the company.

The kit includes Martindale’s Classic Check Plug – said to be regarded in the industry as the easiest way to do basic checks on 13A sockets.

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