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March 25, 2007

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Help at the touch of a button

Staff security is a central concern for the North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, whose 49 community midwives regularly work alone in deprived areas and are often called out at night. To ensure their safety the Trust opted for a personal alarm system from Argyll Telecom.

The mix of solutions provided by Argyll includes the IdentiCare™ lone worker device, which, it says, looks like a normal ID card-holder but is equipped with mobile phone technology, and the CommuniCare™ service, which enables lone workers to summon assistance from a mobile phone or specialist device. Both are monitored by Argyll’s integrated control room.

Should a member of staff experience a potentially hazardous situation, they are a single button-press away from quickly and discreetly summoning assistance. When an alert is received, Argyll’s trained operators put into effect an agreed incident management procedure and, if required, use existing links with the police to ensure a swift response. Sophisticated voice recording ensures that every incident is captured and can be produced as evidence if required.

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