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September 18, 2015

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‘Ground-breaking’ development for construction industry is launched


HSP005343 - Image 3SkyReach Anchor is an overhead fall protection system that makers Combisafe say safeguards construction workers against falls from height.

Part of the Honeywell group and supplier of temporary collective protection, the SkyReach Anchor is compatible with all forms of personal fall protection equipment (PFPE), says Combisafe, adding that it has been tested and approved with the Miller® Falcon product family of self-retracting lifelines that are ideal for anyone fitting decking for horizontal formwork, loading and unloading vehicles or working on a leading edge.

Says Wayne Kensett, product manager for Combisafe: “Our customers tell us about real limitations with traditional overhead fall arrest systems, namely that they require a crane not just to install but every time they need to be repositioned.

“The beauty of the SkyReach Anchor is that it is lightweight and portable, so much so that it can be carried, installed and locked into position in seconds by a single worker without any need for a crane. Taking the system down or re-locating it is just as simple – a truly ground-breaking development for the industry that saves a huge amount of time and money.”

Weighing in at just 25 kilogrammes, the SkyReach Anchor is available in two attachment options says Combisafe – the Cast-in Sleeve for use on concrete structures when decking formwork is being carried out and the Steel Flange Clamp for use as a fall arrest system when loading and unloading vehicles next to a steel structure.

The company go on to explain that, for formwork operations, the Cast-in Socket system provides 360 degree usability, the foldable boom and brace creating an 8.5 metre operating radius and a working surface area close to 230m2. When an area is completed, the operator can quickly and simply attach their PFPE to a neighbouring SkyReach Anchor before moving into a new work area, they add.

Combisafe also highlight that the product is compatible with the COMBISAFE Loading System for applications requiring vehicle loading and unloading, and can alternatively be used with the Steel Flange Clamp when space is limited. The clamp is capable of locking onto any steel column between 150mm and 450mm and once in place, the SkyReach Anchor provides the worker with safe access to vehicle loading beds and gives additional security when working on a leading edge.

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