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January 27, 2010

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Gas analyser- Gasmet DX 4030

Quantitech says one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies recently employed its new portable FTIR multi-parameter gas analyser to check air quality in an office for which there had been a number of odour complaints.

Monitoring up to 25 compounds simultaneously, the FTIR was able to

demonstrate compliance with occupational safety limits, says the company.

A Gasmet DX 4030 was employed to assess the office air by sampling and analysis. In addition, samples were taken from potential sources of contamination — carpet, radiator vent, skirting boards, whiteboard cleaner and marker pens. The levels observed did not exceed the WELs for these substances, and the FTIR gas analysis also demonstrated that the air in the room was safe to breathe.

Quantitech’s Dr Andrew Hobson said: “The great news is that the new portable FTIR (Gasmet DX4030) generates a complete infrared spectrum of the air, which can be interrogated after sampling to identify hundreds of compounds, thereby substantially reducing the risk of failing to identify a significant compound.”

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