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June 2, 2020

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Creating scalable end-to-end ergonomic training solutions

SoterCoach, offered by safety science company Soter Analytics, is an innovative wearable technology solution that consists of small lightweight wearable devices.

SoterSpine and SoterShoulder     

SoterSpine black4The sensors capture hazardous movements and use AI to teach workers based on their individual needs. SoterCoach is said to be scalable and has an autonomous implementation process. Objective data provided to management can be configured to suit all data safety in-company regulations. The solution is adaptable and able to be customised to any workforce including specific industry requirements, multiple locations, number of employees and safety culture.

SoterCoach provides a solution that showcases a direct investment towards the safety and wellbeing of the individual worker while also complementing the general work environment and the organisation.

Worker: Measurably reduces the risk of injury causing movements by improving employees working technique.

  • Machine learning algorithms learn the wearer and the movements they perform and alerts the user in real time if they are at risk. The real-time feedback encourages the worker to self-correct, fosters autonomy and elicits movement behavioural change;
  • High-risk movement data is immediately available to the wearer via the app;
  • 10-12-day individualised micro-learning manual handling training program through the app.

Outcome: Material and measurable reduction in number of high-risk hazardous movements which reduce the potential of musculoskeletal injury

Management: Allows for simple re-design of workplaces and training to prevent employees experiencing high-risk movements.

  • An online dashboard available for management, exhibiting objective data to empower organisations by providing them with valuable insight on injury risks to improve the safety of the entire workforce;
  • Data can be aggregated or individualised;
  • In-situ manual handling coaching decreases down time incurred for in classroom training.

Outcome: Materially safer workplace which reduces the need for employees to perform at-risk movements

Organisation: Reduces the financial and time impacts to employees for lost time injuries.

  • Reduction in direct costs of loss of employee on a lost time injury;
  • Reduction in on-costs of return to work programmes, re-training of new employees;
  • Reduction in indirect costs such as insurance premiums.

Outcome: A safer workplace, improved employer reputation and an increase in profitability

Soter provides an ergonomic solution which boasts accuracy above that of other observational techniques, is minimally invasive, easy to implement, and delivers multi-level results from the individual worker to the upper management.

Click here to learn more about how SoterCoach can help with musculoskeletal safety, training and workplace design.

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