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January 8, 2016

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Continuing the fight against counterfeit PPE

JSP-Shield_v1Safety equipment manufacturer JSP highlight that their ‘highly distinctive’ shield on the front of their industrial safety helmets offers reassurance to procurers and users against counterfeit products.

According to JSP, the carefully crafted identifying shape – unique to them –  has evolved over the last 40 years for the purpose of clearly distinguishing the helmet from others in the marketplace as a true JSP article – therefore it can be trusted by procurers, site managers and users to give outstanding head protection with its exceptional quality and durability, they say.

The Shield shape badge of identity has become ever more important in recent years owing to the increasing proliferation of cheap, illegal, counterfeit helmets in international circulation that do not meet the requirements of British and European Standard EN397, stress JSP. They add that the use of fake PPE can have devastating consequences, including injury or even death from objects falling onto a substandard helmet.

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JSP explain that because each of their helmets is unique, wearers can also use JSP’s pioneering online tracing and verification system at to validate the DNA of their helmets in a matter of seconds by using each helmet’s individual barcode, which allows it to be tracked throughout its life.

JSP’s Gavin Shaw says: “The JSP Shield badge of origin is universally recognised as a trusted trade mark of JSP. The distinctive front shape of the JSP core range of helmets is the identity that has become strongly recognised with the quality and reliability of our products.

“JSP urges wearers of industrial head protection to look for JSP’s distinctive Shield shape badge of origin. That way they know they will be protected at work, and avoid vulnerability to serious injury should the worst happen.”

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