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August 9, 2019

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Safety technology

Using VR and data to transform HSE training

The power of virtual reality has often been used as a way to create enjoyment and wow factor within the HSE profession, specifically it is a great way to keep employees engaged and interested in the learning environment.

The ParallelWhilst immersive technologies are great for this, The Parallel believes it is only a small part of the potential that is available by using this equipment. The firm says that data collection is what is truly transformative within this space and what will allow employees to increase their test scores and general standards significantly.

Virtual reality headsets allow a person to become immersive in a fully digitised environment within any required conditions. This provides an ideal solution to see how users will deal with real world situations.

Using these headsets, the exact movements of the user can be tracked, as well as how quickly they react to scenarios and situations and whether they follow the right processes correctly. The information gathered can be used to create a required standard that every user will have to meet. This creates a scenario, for example, where every engineer has gone through a gas leak emergency and has the exact knowledge of what to do as they have done it before.

To take this data collection to the next level The Parallel, in collaboration with Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology, developed CleverPoint, an analytical biofeedback tool for VR end users. The tool allows the company to track things like stress levels, focus and emotions so trainers can see exactly how their trainees are feeling and whether they can even cope with those emergency situations in that stage of their development.

Using all this information trainers and trainees can see what level they are at and what specific areas they need to work on. The trainers can then feel confident that not only has the trainee read the information, but they have also lived the situation and completed it to the best of their ability.

The Parallel

The Parallel be travelling the UK over the next couple of months to showcase the use of data collection with virtual reality HSE training.

Click here to book a free demonstration.

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