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March 23, 2015

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Join Global Asbestos Awareness Week

Hear Asbestos Think Prevention GAAW SquareReady. Set. Go.

Join the community for Global Asbestos Awareness Week. Each of you has a story and reason to share the daily content during April 1 – 7.  As we partner for prevention, let’s collaborate on how you can take your personal message and mission of asbestos awareness to the next level.  As time as shown us, our relationships with individuals and organisations has allowed us to amplify our messages.

Friends, Partners, and Allies.

This year, thanks to Sarah McOnie, the founder of The McOnie Agency PR consultancy agency, we are able to take the Global Asbestos Awareness Week message, “Hear Asbestos, Think Prevention,” to the next level.  This year’s graphic was designed by the McOnie agency and they  issued the GAAW press release to health and safety leaders in more than 20 countries stretching from India to Argentina.

It’s always amazing to me how quickly a causal meeting or introduction, in person or via social media, can turn into a strategic partner.  Mark Glover at Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP), a leading safety and health magazine, and I met on Twitter more than a year ago.  Through our 140 character tweets, we began to connect, share, and build a wonderful collaborative relationship.  In August, while presenting at the UN World Congress on Health and Safety at Work, we finally met in person.  After our powerhouse meeting, he made a causal introduction to Sarah.  Immediately, we connected and soon began brainstorming about efforts to raise asbestos awareness and increase prevention efforts.

Taking YOUR Message to the Next Level

This year, the GAAW campaign, “Hear Asbestos, Think Prevention,” focuses on expanding the culture of prevention in homes, schools, communities, workplaces, and for Americans, lawmakers. There are endless opportunities to join and share during Global Asbestos Awareness Week.

Here’s are a few suggestions as to what you can do, whether you are an asbestos victim, activist, health and safety professional or business owner:

Share your story. Take to social media, to community meetings, to relationships with friends and colleges. Make sure everyone you know is educated on the dangers of asbestos that we face due to the lack of a ban and a lack of awareness.

Share the message. Be consistent with sharing every day of GAAW, held from April 1-7, and connect professionally with a global community with a common cause. Each day will feature information, educational resources, and highlight leading organisations. Use this opportunity to further health and safety globally.

Share the graphic. Thanks to The McOnie Agency, we have a great GAAW graphic.  Use this graphic to get the conversation started and ignite collaboration.

Join the conversation. Start and/or join “Hear Asbestos. Think Prevention.” conversation with your colleges and employees – especially, if you work in an industry that is particularly vulnerable to asbestos exposure. This is an opportunity to start the conversation and educate others. And please tweet me at @Linda_ADAO.

When Knowledge and Action Unite

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