July 25, 2018

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Noise at Work

Noise at Work risk assessment course returns

Monitoring solutions expert Casella to host training in Bedford in September.

Casella noise trainingAccording to HSE figures, it’s anticipated that 20,000 workers in the UK suffer from work-related hearing problems. Health and safety managers must therefore have noise monitoring processes in place to help eliminate this preventable condition. Casella will again open its Bedford HQ to put practitioners through its noise monitoring course, on 18 September.

Being exposed to excessive noise for long periods, particularly in the construction, manufacturing and engineering sectors, means workers can be at risk of suffering permanent hearing damage.

Exposure to harmful noise can lead to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), a condition that can be immediate or take a long time to be noticeable. NIHL is something all employers and employees need to be attuned to.

The training offered by Casella aims to guide attendees on the importance of occupational noise monitoring in the workplace, duties under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations, cost saving and helping keep workers healthy.

Employers are required to adhere to noise regulations and control noise, ensuring the risk of employees being exposed to excessive sound is minimal. Leading noise expert, Shaun Knott, who runs the course, will offer an understanding of how to adhere with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 and tips for practical and cost effective noise monitoring solutions will be provided.

Individuals will gain knowledge of the regulations, understand the importance of noise monitoring for worker safety, learn about the various techniques for noise measurement and gain the skills needed to start measuring noise efficiently in their workplace.

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Approaches to managing the risks associated Musculoskeletal disorders

In this episode of the Safety & Health Podcast, we hear from Matt Birtles, Principal Ergonomics Consultant at HSE’s Science and Research Centre, about the different approaches to managing the risks associated with Musculoskeletal disorders.

Matt, an ergonomics and human factors expert, shares his thoughts on why MSDs are important, the various prevalent rates across the UK, what you can do within your own organisation and the Risk Management process surrounding MSD’s.

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