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January 14, 2010

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Joining forces- Energy firm partners with deafness charity

Deafness Research UK, the national charity for medical research into hearing impairment, has cited the ConocoPhillips Year of the Ear program as great example of corporate social responsibility.

ConocoPhillips partnered with Deafness Research UK, and provided funding for the charity’s Bionic Ear Show to visit all of its offices and offshore sites. The show features a 22ft working ear and uses entertaining illustrations and audiovisual techniques to teach people how to look after their hearing.

ConocoPhillips also sponsored the show’s host, Tobin May, to take offshore survival training, so that he was able to present the shows at its offshore sites. In total May delivered 27 shows and made five separate offshore trips.

Deafness Research UK chief executive, Vivienne Michael, said: “Loud noise can unfortunately cause both hearing loss and tinnitus. Noise-induced hearing loss is a devastating condition, yet it is 100 per cent preventable if individuals understand why and how they should protect their hearing.

“ConocoPhillips already adhered to noise regulations but it clearly wished to do more. Through its Year of the Ear program, the firm has provided an excellent example to the industrial sector of a health program, which has achieved great buy in and had a real impact on staff. By bringing this program to both its industrial sites and office locations, ConocoPhillips has demonstrated a recognition that all staff are at risk from loud noise in their lives, albeit at or outside of work.”

ConocoPhillips regional occupational health manager, Dr Grant Logan, headed the Year of the Ear program and believes the it has been well received by employees. “We were keen for staff to receive important health messages in a lively and memorable way. It has had great feedback and has been extremely successful.”

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