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April 13, 2021

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Noise and vibration

HSE updates noise exposure calculator

The HSE has made updates to its noise exposure calculator. The HSE’s Noise exposure calculator helps you to estimate and record workers’ exposures to noise and compare them with the exposure action and limit values in the regulations as part of a noise risk assessment.

It combines the previous daily exposure calculator and weekly exposure calculator in one calculator with separate tabs to help simplify the process. More importantly, advice on actions that should be taken when certain action values are exceeded is also provided.

The calculator contains a new exposure limit value calculator to take into account the attenuation provided by the hearing protection worn when compared with the exposure limit value. Advice is also given in terms of the suitability of hearing protector provided in relation to attenuation.

The revised calculator can be found here.

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Nigel Dupree
Nigel Dupree
3 months ago

At last hazards, other than “Work Exposure Limits” to animal vegetable mineral or chemical exposures so, suppose will just have to wait to see if and when the HSE releases updated to “visual exposure limits” for DSE operators suffering debilitating and injurious over-exposure vision stress, without sufficient visual breaks, to sub-optimally calibrated DSE resulting in visual repetitive stress injuries causing myopic and asthenopic adaptations. Maybe will have to wait beyond 2022 when the delayed review of 2007 HSE Better Display Screen RR 561 regardless of Government 2018 Accessibility Regulation, WCAG 2.1/2 and 2019 ISO 30071.1 DSE Colour Contrast Accessibility Standard… Read more »