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October 13, 2009

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Hand-arm vibration measurement- The HAVi

The HAVi (hand-arm vibration indicator) is described as a simple, low-cost device designed to monitor HAV exposure on all sorts of tools and equipment.

Its manufacturer says it has already been tried and tested on construction sites, with good results and positive feedback.

It is designed to monitor and calculate exposure by displaying the HSE points accrued and demonstrates to tool operators when the EAV (Exposure Action Value) and ELV (Exposure Limit Value) have been reached or exceeded. The HAVi unit is said to simply calculate these values in real time and displays them as points on the LCD. 

The HAVi is said to be quick to programme, with no need for costly calibration – just enter the stated vibration level of the tool and start using. Strap or cable ties can also be easily fitted to whatever size or shape of tool.

The HAVi comes with three colour bands, enabling use of a ‘traffic-light’ warning system for staff: green equates to a low-risk tool, amber to a medium risk, and red to a high-risk tool. This, according to the company, means operators are more aware of the HAV impact of tools and receive early warning of over-exposure. 

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