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August 21, 2015

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Bespoke noise protection for The Royal Mint

MintWorkers at The Royal Mint have been fitted with bespoke noise protection to protect their hearing.

Eighty per cent of workers in noisy environments at The Royal Mint have been fitted with custom made WorkPlugs by Minerva Hearing.

The ear plugs are made to fit each individual’s exact ear canals, creating a secure seal against damaging noise.

Noise levels at The Royal Mint can reach up to 90 decibels and can cause tinnitus or hearing loss for people who are exposed for a long period of time without protection.

Kevin Davies, leading audiometrist at Minerva Hearing said: “The Royal Mint is right to be taking the safety of their workers so seriously. Exposure to any noise over 85 decibels over long periods of time can cause irreversible hearing problems.

Minerva Hearing’s specially designed plugs contain acoustic filters that reduce damaging high frequencies but allow speech to be heard as normal, so they do not compromise safety in the workplace.

Those who work at The Royal Mint need to be able to hear each other and be aware of everything happening around them, but they still need protection from the constant noise.”

Kate Fitzpatrick from The Royal Mint said: “We’ve tried lots of different ear defenders over the years but the Minerva WorkPlugs are, by far, the most comfortable, the most hygienic and the ones that offer the best level of protection.

“As they are custom-made for each worker, they fit exactly, leaving no room for operator error so that we can be confident that everyone is completely protected, which is extremely important for The Royal Mint.

“We are pleased to support a local business like Minerva Hearing. The team visit us regularly and we get such a fast, friendly service. Their experts have been able to advise us on exactly the right level of protection needed and have created the most comfortable, soft plugs for our team.”

Minerva Hearing, has been fitting hearing protection and in-ear monitors for individuals and businesses for over 20 years.

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