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Nicole runs Worthwhile Training and has over 20 years experience assisting organisations with practical advice to manage the risks associated employee’s personal safety, security and wellbeing.  She works with organisations to design, implement and embed control measures and training solutions to achieve measurable results.

September 1, 2016

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Video: Lone worker training and support with Nicole Vazquez

In her third video for SHP Safety Talks, Nicole Vazquez, Worthwhile Training, looks at how to train lone workers, getting workers to understand their roles and responsibilities, what to include when putting training packages together, and the importance of making training both task and risk specific.

Nicole also touches on line managers and their role in supporting lone workers.


The SHP Safety Talks are a series of small thought pieces designed to get you thinking, whilst perhaps sipping your morning coffee. The SHP team have invited key individuals from the safety world to deliver these mini-lectures, and you can expect only the most insightful challenging and engaging threads.  For more videos from the SHP Safety Talks series, visit our CPD  downloads page.

If you agree with Nicole’s thoughts, then let us know in the comments below and we can keep the conversation going.

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Ian Swann

Doesn’t really convey any valuable information other than providing an advertisement for Worthwhile Training!


Hi Ian

I’m sorry that you didn’t find the video very informative. If you have any specific questions or need further advice about training lone workers I’m always happy to have a chat if you want to get in touch directly.

Best wishes

Richard Appleton

I attended the “Lone Working Training” session at H&S Expo which I thought was excellent. This superb summary video will help to back up the message I have already given to the organisations I work with to take the issue of Lone Worker training more seriously and to agree to more innovative ways of delivering this training so that it is tailored to the particular needs of the staff involved.

Very clearly presented.


Hi Richard

Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad you found this and the session at SHExpo useful. If it helps organisations to get relevant and effective messages across to lone workers (and other staff) and make a difference to safety then I’m happy!

Best wishes


very informative video, looking forward to the next one.

Video training on how to train lone workers - crucial in certain construction professions - Mosaic Management Systems

[…] her 3rd video for SHP Safety Talks, Nicole Vazquez, Worthwhile Training, looks at how to train lone workers, getting workers to understand their roles […]