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November 30, 2009

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Net news- Forum to discuss HSE strategy

The Pledge, which was created as part of the Be Part of the Solution strategy, is an opportunity for business leaders and others to publicly demonstrate their commitment to making sure that their activities do not result in death or injury to their workers or members of the public. More than 1000 companies and individuals have signed the Pledge, including some of Britain’s best-known organisations.
The HSE hopes its new Pledge Forum will become a space where best practice in health and safety is exchanged. It is accompanied with handy supporting materials, such as case studies on what particular companies are doing differently following the launch of the new strategy, information about the commercial benefits of a positive health and safety culture, and a toolkit to help improve standards in workplaces.
The regulator’s deputy chief executive, Kevin Myers, said: “HSE has been running a number of specialist online communities very successfully for some time. This new community, the Pledge Forum, is a particularly exciting prospect.“We hope that, in time, the forum will become a space where best practice in health and safety is exchanged. If an idea about making people safer or healthier – potentially saving lives – is a good one and it can be replicated in other businesses, we should do everything we can to help that idea to spread.”The Pledge Forum can be found here.

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