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September 6, 2009

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Miscellaneous – construction- Competence scheme revised further

 The changes come one year on from the revision of the Scheme, in response to industry requirements and to fit in with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulation Approved Code of Practice (CDM ACoP).  Changes to the CPCS to be implemented in the coming months include: overlaps between training and testing to be allowed in some specialist areas, but only where, owing to demand, the number of trainers and testers is low; the ConstructionSkills Health & Safety Test to replace the current demolition specialist test for plant operators undertaking category A65; and the introduction of additional guidance and training materials to help employers and individuals prepare for CPCS Technical Tests.Commenting on the changes, Trevor Gamble, chair of the CPCS management committee, said: “We think the further changes announced strike a good balance between showing flexibility and supporting employers and individuals through hard economic times, and maintaining the high standards of the CPCS card, which we know the industry and the HSE value.”He added: “We hope to be able to continue to support businesses and individuals alike in making the plant sector a safer, more qualified industry to work in.”For further information about CPCS, contact the ConstructionSkills helpline on 0844 815 7274, or visit

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