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June 15, 2016

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Man seriously injured after roof collapses at football stadium

A builder has been seriously injured after he fell 13 metres when a roof he was working on collapsed in a new section of Watford football club’s Stadium.

Emergency services were called to the scene and paramedics rescued the trapped victim before taking him to the Royal London Hospital by air ambulance.

The man fell from a roof in the north east corner of the stadium where a new club shop and 400 extra seats are being built.

Natalie Dearman, police spokesperson, told the Watford Observor: “They were working on part of the roof, then that collapsed and the person fell.”

A builder at the scene told the paper that some temporary scaffolding had collapsed.

Cliff Webb, watch commander from Watford Fire Station said: “We were called to a trapped person. He had fallen from height.

“He was in a difficult position to get to. We made sure it was safe for the paramedics and then we tried to get some spine boards through as quickly as possible.

“An air ambulance landed on the pitch and we carried him through the building works then on to the pitch.

“He was conscious and breathing and had head and leg injuries and a possible pelvic fracture.”

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