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February 25, 2011

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How much does it cost to change a few light bulbs?

From the Daily Mail (Feb 2011)

A Mail report seizes on the story of the insistence by Stoke City Council’s maintenance contractor on using scaffolding for “even the most menial jobs”, which apparently cost the “cash-strapped” council £1.4 million extra last year. At its most tricky, changing a light bulb might require a step ladder and a little bit of patience.

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13 years ago

IOSH noticed that, almost without exception, the items are about government organizations (schools; councils; emergency services etc), bringing ridicule on health & safety. As I I’ve pointed out before, if a ridiculous decison is made in those bodies, nobody questions it because the trades unions will always support them because they are good job creation schemes and the tax payer will pick up the bill.

It wasn’t consultants who needed new controls but employees in those government bodies