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February 10, 2016

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German train crash kills 10 people

A head-on train crash in the German state of Bavaria has killed at least 10 people and left dozens injured.

Two passenger trains collided near Bad Aibling, a spa town about 37 miles south-east of Munich.

The accident happened on a single-track route between Rosenheim and Holzkirchen at about 07:00 local time on Tuesday morning.

The trains, which crashed into one another while travelling at about 100km/hour (62 mph), were both partially derailed as a result of the crash.

Officials have said that this section of track has an automatic braking system designed to halt any train that passed a stop signal, and it is not yet known why this failed to stop the crash.

The crash site is also on a bend, and so officials assume that both train drivers had no visual contact before the crash.

Both train drivers and two train guards were killed in the crash, police have said.

Two of three black box recorders have been recovered and should be able to provide some answers as to why the crash happened.

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