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February 28, 2020

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Fleet managers warned to ‘regularly check tyre conditions’

An investigation has found that fleet managers are failing to regularly check tyre conditions.

tyreThe investigation, Tyres: From F2 Motorsport to Fleet, conducted by fleet manager specialist, Venson Automotive Systems, has prompted warnings to fleet decision-makers of the risks and consequences of not frequently prioritising tyre conditions.

Failure to monitor tyres can put drivers and other road users in risk of serious injury or death, and lead to a £2,500 fine with three points of a licence, per tyre.

The research also found that scientific solutions are on the horizon, to reduce the risk to vehicle occupants in danger due to sub-standard tyre conditions.

Venson’s investigation also explores how QR (Quick Response) codes engraved on tyres, may aid fleet tyre management and potential solutions for heavier plug-in vehicles, that put more pressure on tyres.

Around 40% of tyres across Venson’s leased and managed vehicles must be replaced every year due to damage. The damage primarily affects light commercial vehicles, which accounts for around 60% of the company’s fleet.

Gil Kelly, Operations Manager of Venson Automotive Solutions said: “Research for our white paper suggests that ultimately technology is likely to remove the responsibility for tyre condition checks away from drivers.

“Intelligent tyres will be able to self-manage and thus remove the driver from any care requirement. For now, however, the most intelligent thing fleet operators and drivers can do is ensure that tyres are manually checked on a regular basis.”

She added: “Tyres with a brain may seem a long way off but they are set to become a reality and will give the industry masses of information designed to maximise tyre longevity and reduce maintenance costs; music to the ears of any fleet manager.”

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